Subsea Structure

In: Assembly, Prototyping

For the KM3 project, we’re supplying the SFPs that go onboard this ‘vessel’. It is one of many domes that will measure neutrinos that reach this detector after having travelled through space and all the way through the earth till it reaches the Mediterranean. Here you see one of the first production units that are currently being assembled by NIKHEF in Amsterdam. Also part of this project is INFN in Italy and CPPM in France where the fibers that are connected to these domes will reach the shore to transfer all the data. Below, you see the part where the housing of the SFP is. It is actually part of a 3D printed structure, since that is the most agile and productive method to produce these fiber trays. Finally a 3D printing example that has a real function!

2014-11-06 12.06.532014-11-06 12.07.03

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